Ubuntu-ZA gets going!


After some mailing list activity, we got our first ever IRC meeting going on 7 December with 21 people attending!

Craig Adams posted a summary of the marathon meeting – started around 20:00 (agenda points around 20:30) and seems to have run until 22:44 although I excused myself at around 21:30..

Points raised in the meeting which I find interesting:

  • Most people are intimidated when it comes to using the Wiki – that’s something we as the WikiTeam must address by giving a good introduction and clear howto’s on the mailing list.
  • Translate.org.za is doing a better job of translating Ubuntu into our local languages than random Launchpad users. We should therefore point people to get involved with Translate rather than Launchpad. (Or is it all just merged together anyway in Launchpad?)
  • Everyone at the meeting spoke English as their first language. While we spoke about translation, none of us are likely to participate directly in it (unless we start a South African English version… “OK / Cancel” could be “Kif / Nooit” – and deleted files would go to the Rubbish Bin!)

Things I agreed to take (partial) responsibility for:

  • Wiki content and structuring – as part of the WikiTeam
  • Crossposting from the forum to the wiki and/or mailing list
  • I was tempted to put my name down for everything else – events, marketing, education… but the whole idea is to get more people involved. Nevertheless I am very interested in the LoCoTeam as a whole – seeing it gain momentum and actually do stuff!

Some additional ideas I’ve had since the meeting:

Planet Ubuntu-ZA

One of the specs discussed at UDS-MTV was how Launchpad can provide resources for LoCoTeams. While this spec was too fuzzy to get discussed sufficiently during UDS, and will probably become a series of separate Launchpad specs, one of the features mentioned was automatic creation of blog planets using Launchpad teams. This would make setting up a planet for a LoCo team trivial.

We should do this anyway. CLUG have got their, err, park, up and running… and now it can be officially said that I’m blogging!

I’ll ping Matthias who is currently providing our hosting and see what we can do…

User Map

While at UDS I spoke to Mark Van Den Borre of the Belgium LoCo Team and he showed me their user map (general locations of users willing to provide support). While this does depend on Google Maps which doesn’t have street level coverage of South Africa, there is probably enough detail for us to use since the whole idea is not to reveal your actual address…

Anyone interested? Here’s a spec and some code

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