Recording screencasts with ffmpeg

I had Istanbul running on dapper quite happily by building the edgy source package on dapper, but I can’t get Istanbul working reliably on edgy. The audio’s fine but the video flashes horribly. Now I somehow can’t replicate my Istanbul setup on another dapper machine…

So back to the drawing board to try other options… and I took the plunge with the patched ffmpeg. Not elegant as far as starting and stopping, but the quality’s great. It does mean I end up with the result in an avi file rather than ogg, but that’s easy enough to convert.

Then I use the following to get rid of the start and end where I’m operating ffmpeg – ss is the time to crop off the start, and t is the duration I want, cropping the rest off the end:

ffmpeg -i original.avi -sameq -ss 00:00:08.005 -t 00:00:55 the_video.avi

The only issue is that the file size goes through the roof – from 1.8MB to 5.1MB – still have to figure that out without degrading the quality…

Then I can convert to high quality FLV with:

ffmpeg -sameq -i the_video.avi the_video.flv

and compressed ogg with:

ffmpeg2theora cropped.avi

Now to try the patched ffmpeg on edgy…

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