OLPC, Ubuntu at Digital Freedom Expo

One Laptop Per Child is a catchy name, and I know the intention is to convey the concept of each child having a laptop, but the more accurate description would be One Child Per Laptop… :-)

C|Net has some photos of the OLPC XO laptop in actual use – by children, not geeks!

It looks like I’ll be helping at the OLPC stand at UWC’s Digital Freedom Exposition next week, which looks like a very exciting event with speakers including:

Creative Commons founder Prof Lawrence Lessig, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, HP’s Open Source & Linux Chief Technologist Bdale Garbee, Co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation and CTO of Collab.net Brian Behlendorf, Free and Open Source Software Entrepreneur and instructor in Computing Systems at MIT Philip Greenspun, Founder of Freedom to Innovate SA Bob Jolliffe, CEO of iCommons Heather Ford, Open Academic Publication specialist Eve Gray, Sun Microsystems Regional Director Education & Research for EMEA Todd Korth, Free Software in Education AJ Venter , and Free Software researcher and First Monday founder Rishab Ghosh, Novel SA MD Stafford Masie, UWC Rector Prof Brian O’Connell and Premier of the Western Cape Ebrahim Rasool.

I’ll also be facilitating an Ubuntu South Africa BOF at the event – one day after Feisty releases, so the plan is to give CDs out as fast as we can burn them…

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  1. 1 yasser April 14, 2007 at 2:12 pm

    we at uwc can’t wait,
    we impatiently waiting for africa’s first of it’s kind, DFX
    and it will be awesome for us to have ubuntu around!!

    yasser b.

  1. 1 Random Access » Blog Archive » Ubuntu-ZA team gets active Trackback on April 16, 2007 at 10:48 am
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