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Noughts and Crosses


My XO arrived today, courtesy of the World Wide Workshop for whom I am developing some Sugar activities which will take advantage of the mesh network.

It will also come in handy with the work I’m doing for Collabora Ltd on enabling collaboration for OLPC using Telepathy and Tubes!

The above picture was taken with the XO’s built in camera – the dot above the speaker on the side closest to my face.

The laptop is a B2 prototype, with 256 MB RAM and 512 MB NAND flash storage.

Restricted to be Free?

Craig A. Adams, co-leader of the Ubuntu ZA LoCoTeam, wrote an insightful piece on the Principles of Free Software a while back which I have been meaning to comment on.

It made me think that, in order to guarantee freedom, we place restrictions. It sounds ironic at first: Wikipedia defines Freedom as “the ability to act without restraint”.

But the freedom in software and intellectual property isn’t arbitrary and it needs to be protected. In my view, the GPL is often misunderstood as too restrictive. But what if the BSD licence was the best we had?  Where would “Open Source” be today without Free Software?

A lot less Free.

Nokia Web Browser – the missing manual

I can’t believe I only just found out that * and # zoom in and out in the Nokia browser on my E61.  Very useful!

Now, how can I open a link in a new window? I know that the site can trigger this, but I want to do it when I want… No more linear web browsing! Anybody know?

OLPC video demo from dfx

Found a writeup on OLPC, on SA Rocks, with (surprisingly) the video Jason Norwood-Young took of me demonstrating the XO at DFX. Not a very polished demo – I hadn’t had more than a few minutes with the XO and the footage is unedited, but there you go.

OLPC video

Sun patents protect Ubuntu

Tectonic: Sun pledges patents to defend Linux

In a surprise move this week Sun Microsystems CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, said the company was ready to use the company’s extensive patent portfolio to help defend Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux against Microsoft’s patent threat.

Jonathan Schwartz:

“Sun has what I’d argue to be the single most valuable and focused patent portfolio on the web (and yes, we’d use it to defend Red Hat and Ubuntu, both).”


There is a Big Truck driving over my TUBES!!!

Bug 1

OLPC’s bug #1 is very much in the style of Ubuntu’s bug #1