Talkonaut – Jabber on my Nokia E61

I finally found a free instant messenger client that talks Jabber: Talkonaut (via e61iblog), after trying out various things including mig33 and EQO, which promised IM (as a side effect of cheap/free voip calls) but didn’t deliver what I wanted.

Unlike these others, Talkonaut was easy and quick to download, and didn’t require registration for any other service I don’t want. It worked fine chatting to a couple of people on gmail, but did seem to seem to lose the wifi connection after a while. I haven’t tried it via GPRS yet, or the very occasional 3G signal I get.

It’s Java, so should work on lots of phones.

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  1. 1 Chris June 6, 2007 at 4:00 pm

    Hello Sir, I see you’ve tried EQO Mobile in the past, but have you tried the new EQO Mobile? We have a snappy new interface and improved Jabber support. If you do try the new version and still don’t find that it meets your needs, we would greatly appreciate knowing what we can do better.


    EQO Customer Evangelist

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