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Cape Town Gutsy Release Party

On 21 October we got together to celebrate Ubuntu 7.10‘s release:


We swapped and burnt some CDs and DVDs and chatted about synergy between Ubuntu-ZA, CLUG, GeekDinner and StarCamp events. We have so many relevant things going on in Cape Town that we may as well join them rather than try and have Ubuntu-specific events as well…

Thanks to Jonathan Endersby for getting us together and Dave Mackie for the photo!

(Update: resized/cropped photo to fit)

Why Ubuntu’s not copying Vista

According to Dell, running Vista on 512 MB RAM is suitable for “Booting the Operating System, without running applications or games”.

I don’t think Ubuntu’s striving for compatibility there…

OLPC Mass Production build

Walter Bender announced in the weekly community news mail:

Mass-production build (Trial 3): The stable build for mass
production start is Build 622 (Firmware version Q2D02).

Release notes are still a work in progress at this time.

The next release’s developer builds are currently the joyride series, with significant changes due to the long time period for Trial 3 to be finalised.

Hard Drive Life

After seeing Stefano’s second post on hard drive life under Ubuntu, and posts from Roald Hopman on planet ubuntu, I decided to check out my laptop drive:

$ sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda|grep Load_Cycle_Count
193 Load_Cycle_Count        0x0012   013   013   000    Old_age   Always       –       873566

Ouch. Better keep up to date backups. People have quoted 300000 or 600000 as expected lifetime. This is a Hitatchi drive, and the laptop (Sony Vaio VGN-460) is over 2 years old. I generally keep it on AC power on my desk, and leave it running 24/7 idling on IRC for logs. (Also time to set up an IRC proxy…)

I’ll watch the stats for a day or two before trying some of the workarounds listed in Bug 59695 so I can see if they make a difference. In 30 mins, it’s only gone up by 1, so I don’t know whether it’s a current problem for me or not.