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OLPC Give 1 Get 1 extended

Businesswire reports that OLPC’s G1G1 program has been extended until the end of December.

What is awesome is the level of partipation:

To date, donations to the Give One Get One program have averaged US$2 million per day.

I’m sure that includes bulk donations, but assuming it covers the $200 donation part of the $399 transaction, that’s 10000 laptops donated per day!

Why you should buy an OLPC XO

Bill Clementson has a good article on what makes the XO so compelling, in light of the Give 1 Get 1 program: Why you should buy an OLPC XO Laptop.

One correction though:

There is a “view source” button on the laptop’s keyboard that will let you view/edit the source code for any program on the machine!

This only works for viewing and editing the source of HTML pages in the browser at this stage, since the Develop python IDE has not been updated for a long time and doesn’t work with current builds.

However, since most of the activities are written in Python, you can use the Terminal activity and vi to edit them. (I’m not suggesting that’s a reasonable substitution, just pointing out what’s possible…)

reddit alien loves OLPC

Seen on social news site reddit this morning, who theme their logo daily:

Reddit loves OLPC

Ubuntu 7.10 CDs for Ubuntu South Africa LoCoTeam

I received a box of Ubuntu CDs recently for Ubuntu South Africa:


There are 200 Ubuntu, 25 Ubuntu 64 bit, 30 Edubuntu, 30 Kubuntu, and 15 Kubuntu 64 bit CDs.

First priority for distributing these will be for events. Please let me know of any suitable events – on my list is *Camp and November’s GeekDinner “Eccentric Eggplant”.

I’ll also hand out small quantities if you’re prepared to collect from me in Durbanville.

Once the known events are past, the remainding CDs will be available for general distribution and I’ll send an allocation to Joburg, Durbs and wherever you can convince me there’s a demand!