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OLPC collaboration via a server is currently only working on ejabberd with some special patches. It’s not easy getting a server up and running, and this is hindering the deployment of community servers. This is the first post in a series to assist people in getting a functional jabber server up and running.

We should have dozens of community servers run by, and supporting, G1G1 users, but the only one I’m aware of that was functional was Tom Hoffman‘s xochat.org, and it’s been down for a while.

Here’s the issue: At this stage, we cannot handle arbitrary numbers of XOs on a server. (We are working on this, but don’t hold your breath – the fix won’t be ready for Update.1.)

Due to the shared roster, everybody sees everybody else on the server. That won’t scale. The most I’ve seen online on a server was about 170 XOs – so what we need are servers for specific communities, where random strangers are not necessarily welcome. (That sounds harsh, but joining a busy server will only make it unavailable for everybody else!)

So please step up and run a server! Over the next few days I’ll document different approaches to getting up and running, and if you need help, you can find me on IRC: morgs in #olpc on freenode (

I’ve started a wikipage, [[Community Jabber Servers]] to list servers (those that want to be publicly listed, anyway). If you want to publicize a server there, please be as specific as possible about who your community consists of, so that the whole world doesn’t show up at once and kill your server.

Coming up next: Setting up ejabberd 2.0.0 with OLPC patches, from source

Coming in the near future: Up to date ejabberd packages with OLPC patches included

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  1. 1 Kevin Mark February 26, 2008 at 11:48 pm

    Would you consider setting up a series of domain names with a state code for US folks:

    The only issue is that when xochat.org was running, I was able to connect from my sugar emulator in ny to an xo users in australia. You idea will not allow that, more or less.

  2. 2 Tom Hoffman February 27, 2008 at 1:11 am


    Thanks for getting this rolling again. I can probably get xochat.org running again for a while if you can tell me how to nuke the database… actually, I guess I should be able to do ejabberdctl delete-older-users 30, except that the syntax is actually different on the packaged version I’ve got, so perhaps we should work that out too…


    I’ll be happy to give out xochat.org subdomains to anyone who wants them.

  3. 3 Nathan C. Riddle March 29, 2008 at 5:34 pm

    Can a server be set up via ip address mask(s) ? This could “define” a geographical locale. If so, might be interested in adding a root server to my webhosting account.

  4. 4 Fritz SChenk April 5, 2008 at 12:50 am

    I am a G1G1 XO user and would like you to make ‘intrader’ a subdomain

    I think this is possibly the killer application for the XO and any other mesh or pier to pier network.

    It is fantastic.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity of using your jabber service.

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