Internet Disservice Provision

Joe, you said:

When we say 2Mbps, it’s 2Mbps.

Except that your upstream is Verizon who seem to have major routing problems, and have done so for months now. Connecting to SA sites who are on Internet Solutions has always been slow at best, with timeouts at worst. Traffic via Verizon to TENET’s Cape Town servers is routed via Joburg and back.

Amobia’s service is very good in all ways except one: The actual Internet service.

Please Joe, do more than “prod” Verizon. Vote with your wallet before I do.

I am an Amobia client, and I have a story to tell. Don’t make me tell it.

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  1. 1 Joe May 26, 2008 at 10:06 am

    Hi Morgan

    We’ve had a Verizon support ticket open about this for three weeks now. It’s been escalated to our service manager. Verizon have confirmed the problems are on their side.

    I was in an ISPA meeting teleconference in their Cape Town office last week and the video feed to their JHB office kept breaking up. I think it’s a matter of congestion or their network.

    You may know that they are in talks to sell their business. I suspect they are not actively upgrading their infrastructure in this period.. which makes it hard to “prod”.

    We have moved some of our routing back to the IS network.

    ps. I knew somebody was going to only read the part of my blog post which they could pick at. Read the next paragraph also. I was talking about wireless technologies… but I suspect you knew this aleady (-

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