Sugar notifications and window manager plans

Subtitled, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know to be working on it…”

gregdek wrote:

We should also be using the standard notification, alert mechanisms, and system tray specs that supports. (Seems like the only reason this hasn’t been done so far has been time.) Here’s what that means to me: when I use my IRC client in GNOME and someone says “hello gregdek,” I get a glowing icon on my system tray. (Yaaay! Somebody likes me!) But XoIRC, right now, is incapable. Which makes IRC much less useful for me (although I’ll probably get more done.) This is an opportunity to work directly with the folks at, and this is important; if Sugar is to be viable, we must learn to work with other projects and take advantage of the work they’ve already done. What will these notifications look like in Sugar, exactly, which currently doesn’t have a “system tray”, per se? Unclear, but thankfully Eben is really good at solving these kinds of problems.

Notification support landed recently in Sugar git master and XoIRC, courtesy of Tomeu, so if you run the crack-of-the-day or wait for a release you can use, that’s fixed.

It’s probably time to move beyond Matchbox

The Sugar development community is in agreement there.

Scott is looking at Awesome, which is a tiled window manager that also has a compatibility mode that allows for floating layers. There are other tiled window managers being considered; everyone’s got their favorite, of course, but it does look like Awesome is in the lead right now.

Sayamindu‘s been working on Metacity for some time. Who you think is in the lead depends on who you spend time with…

I’m looking forward to an event where we can all be represented and discuss all the options – hopefully the January XO Camp will be that event.

I hope the Sugar Camp will have been of value – certainly some communication is better than none. But we have so many people expressing their opinions at the top of their voices, not leading to actual implementation, that my response is “show me the code”.

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