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Happy PI Day

As they say in the USA, it’s 3/14 today. Happy PI Day!

(Darn, I intended to post this at 1:59pm…)

Toddler-friendly phone?

I came across this review of the Motorola V3x phone, which has some rather weird use of English:

You just need to shift the toddler on the internal side of the phone to change the modes. The switch is rather big, according to the lens’ size, to prevent the mechanism from faults at a hit and mechanical impact. It will take you only a second and no effort to switch modes in the new V3x, though the toddler is quite tough. With time and active use, the toddler may get distorted and you will need to improve its position in guiding rails. Such construction implies problems potentially and now consider frequent falls. However if you treat it carefully, the toddler will cause no problems.

Given that I have a toddler, is this the ideal phone for me?