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Talkonaut – Jabber on my Nokia E61

I finally found a free instant messenger client that talks Jabber: Talkonaut (via e61iblog), after trying out various things including mig33 and EQO, which promised IM (as a side effect of cheap/free voip calls) but didn’t deliver what I wanted.

Unlike these others, Talkonaut was easy and quick to download, and didn’t require registration for any other service I don’t want. It worked fine chatting to a couple of people on gmail, but did seem to seem to lose the wifi connection after a while. I haven’t tried it via GPRS yet, or the very occasional 3G signal I get.

It’s Java, so should work on lots of phones.

Nokia Web Browser – the missing manual

I can’t believe I only just found out that * and # zoom in and out in the Nokia browser on my E61.  Very useful!

Now, how can I open a link in a new window? I know that the site can trigger this, but I want to do it when I want… No more linear web browsing! Anybody know?